Terms & Conditions


‘We, us, website(s), company(s), merchant(s)’ are some terms which describe the website & it’s admins(s) or developer(s) or owner(s).

 ‘You, your, buyer(s), customer(s), client(s), user(s)’ are the terms describing an external user whether a paid or a free user(s)

Communication Modes: Official email address INFO@QUICKHUB.IN shall be considered as an official mode of communication.

Assumed Consent: If you are using payment / bank / card details of anyone from your family, friends, partner or company which you represent or work, then it will be assumed that you have received a consent to use those details on our website & payment modes referred by us. Website shall not be responsible for any claims or issues on the gateways or issues to the payment mode holders

Accessibility: Website is confident & assures about the security however, no responsibility shall be applicable in case of any issue in your device or issues related to file corruption aroused after accessing the website

Assigning Work: The company shall start the work only after the payment is received, no offer or promise shall be applicable wherein work without advance is agreed

Arena of Applicability: The service use is exhaustive and does not limit to any use except for any illegal, or unethical purpose

Limitation to Liability: The stakeholders related to the website or associated process, company shall not be liable personally for any personal, professional or commercial loss to any customer. The final decision shall be made only in the light of various policies maintained by the company

Rejection to Claims: All claims or communications made through modes other than the official communication modes shall be rejected without any process


Bill, Charges, Invoice and Payments

Website reserves the right to decide, change or revise fee of any of its service 



If due to any internal decision or applicable state law any, few or whole of the policies becomes inapplicable other terms or rest of the stated policies will remain unaffected.



The user shall deem to have accepted all our policies by sign up or login and/or after payment or subscribing to any of our services. 

Revision & Termination

The website reserves the right to decide, replace or revise any of its service or related policy


Cancellation: It means the client has placed a command to stop working on the order as per the reasons best known. The company shall charge an amount of 10% as cancellation charges on the total payment as well as adjust any work done from the rest of the amount. 

Reasonable Time: The customer is expected to allow a reasonable amount of time to make changes

Reasonable Claim: The client should claim any revision if the original instructions were not followed. Additional changes shall be charged further

Reasonable Duration: In case of web/software/mobile app development, the client is allowed to contact for revisions for meeting the original requirements up to a period of 90 days from first submission or from the final deadline whichever is less.

Indemnity from Assurance: The website indemnify itself from any promise or assurance made any admin(s) of any level violating any of its written or stated policy