Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

The content which we write for modes other than our website is known as Off-Page Content & the SEO activities using such content is known as Off page SEO. We categorised these modes in three parts direct, indirect and social respectively.

In this article, we will go through each part of a mode to make you understand the meaning for Off Page Content.


Direct Link building for leaving impression

The aim of direct link building is to leave impressions on the target audience with your content and benefit you with increasing your brand and page authority.

Static Websites

Static websites allow you to promote your content like data to increase its readability. It gives you content flexibility to serve on the live website.


A blog post is a piece of information in the form of an article or blog  that is published on your website’s blog page. 


It means writing content for Other Websites but Including Promotion for Our Own Website

Guest Post

The act of contributing your content on other brand’s websites will help you to increase traffic and reach. You can also boost your brand awareness to pull the visitor for your website. 


Wherein, we join someone else’s conversation related to the same business but started by someone else or might be by us. In simple words, it is a board meeting where people ask questions,share experiences and discuss topics. 


Business Listings 

Business listening means listing your business by providing some essential information like name, address, hours, images or videos related to your business to those who are actively looking for your business in your area.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement measures the engagement that was given by your customer such as likes, comments and shares that interact with your customer and you. 


There will be many people who have not visited your website but must be aware of you. This is due to off page content published on various platforms while various off page seo activities. So, don’t neglect it, as it may set the pitch for your successful SEO operations

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