We accept NEFT / RTGS & UPI Payments

We take advance payments & then start the work on the requirements

Yes, we are a legitimate company & follow all the norms of financial transactions

No, the prices mentioned are always exclusive of GST or any other tax.

07BTJPJ7923G1ZH is our GSTN. Please insist on GST Bill whenever you make payment including GST


Yes we serve in PAN India and even to the customers abroad.

Yes, you can always avail our services from a remote place . Physical contact is not needed.

Yes, we can support the same however, the service is not part of any conventional plan & you need to specifically request as well as pay for it

Yes, the office is at stone throw distance close to Metro & on main road

Never, we are always happy to respond through whatsapp.


Most of the websites gets develop in range of 1 Lakh or less

If you need a landing page just for a sake of having website, it will cost much lower

You should get a website for your business as it will help enhance your social presence and create more awareness about your business among the audience.

Yes, nowadays mobiles are the best way to target, reach & acquire any customer as they possess every functionality to respond

No, it is not included in the price, rather we charge additional for that. If you can get it at your own we can also use the same

Digital marketing is needed because it helps the business to focus on its targeted audience with a global reach and require barely any initial investment.

I don’t have social media accounts, how can you help?

Yes, we can create them for you & would just need the access to the email & mobile OTPs to verify your accounts (Applicable when purchased SMO services)

Yes, we also do payment integration however, for that you need to obtain a payment gateway account & required api to integrate

No, we do not require you to purchase any tool for us. In case any tool is required for your

own business then we shall inform you

This depends upon type of services & varies to platforms

The hosting where the website shall be hosted or saved to get access. Their charges differ from website to website & platform where the site is to be hosted. We shall suggest the price to you before hosting so that you can decide for which platform you are comfortable to make payment & use